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The Journal of Artists’ Books n°21

Johanna Drucker, Brad Freeman, Elisabeth Long, Clifton Meador, Tate Shaw, Luke Strosnider, Ward Tietz, Marshall Weber, Tony White.

Chicago, Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts, printemps 2007.

Revue (texte en anglais)

44 pages, agrafées, impression noir & blanc, 28 x 21,5 cm.

Couverture : Brad Freeman et Daniel Mellis.
Sommaire :
-« To Figure Out What Is Happening: An Interview With Johanna Drucker » by Tate Shaw
-« Editioning One-of-a-Kind Multiples: Notes Toward An Understanding of Anselm Kiefer’s Books » by Elisabeth Long
-« Viewing and Reading Artist Books » by Ward Tietz
-« Interview with Marshall Weber » by Tony White
-« Small Pond » by Clifton Meador
-« Plus reviews of books » by Emily Larned, Tate Shaw, and Luke Strosnider

COTE. 02JAB/21

ISSN. 1085-1461

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