Livre - Petritsch, Paul - Secession - Six, Nicole


Paul Petritsch, Nicole Six.

Vienne, Secession, 2010.

Livre (texte en anglais et en allemand de Paul Auster et Franz Xaver Baier)

[720 pages], dos carré collé, impression noir & blanc, huit dépliants couleur et une carte, 16,5 x 11,5 cm.

« The background for this picture is a project for which Six & Petritsch set off in October 2009 to an abandoned race course on the Greenwich meridian, that resembles a Möbius strip, where they aimed to cover the circumference of the Earth and cross the international dateline on their mopeds. Finally, the 500-page Index brings together the cartographic records that served Six & Petritsch as an aid to orientation while looping endlessly: on the one hand tallies spread out over countless pages, with each stroke marking a completed round; on the other hand, photographs taken on a rotating basis at twelve points along the course, exposed for twenty-four hours each, define location and view with the corresponding geographical coordinates and document the time. In this way, Six & Petritsch give their immaterial sculptural-performative work of “traveling round the world” a concrete form. »


ISSN. 978-3-902592-28-6

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